Fix the Brown, Unsightly Spots in Your Yard

How to Fix Bald Spots in Your Yard From Pets

If you have a pet that uses the bathroom outside, you know how that leaves brown, unsightly spots in your yard. This video will show you how to get your lawn looking and staying healthy again.


  1. Use a rake to dig out the dead grass, usually it will come up easily, leaving you with the soil underneath.
  2. Spread Lime over the spot. Due to the acidity in your pets urine, you need the Lime to take some of that acidity out of the soil so that your grass will be able to grow. 
  3. Cover the affected areas with a healthy layer of top soil.
  4. Spread grass seed over the top soil, just a light layer, you don’t want to crowd the seeds or they won’t take. 
  5. Add another layer of soil over the grass seed, just barely covering the seeds. It’s ok if you can still see the grass seed a little.
  6. Now you can water it and if you want add a bit of fertilizer to help it along. 

A few things to remember, you want to watch your pets when they’re outside to make sure they don’t dig up the area, ruining your work. Also, you want to make sure no one is walking over the area until the grass starts to grow back.

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